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Shadow Creating

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What s Mirror Effect?
The mirror effect s simply taking a photo, duplicating it and reversing it horizontally and then attaching it to the original image. The image now looks like it is facing a mirror.
What is Drop Shadow?
This feature is where you simply drop a shadow behind an object in a given image.
What is Refection Shadow?
A reflection shadow effect is where an image is given a shadow that is reflecting in a mirror, piece of glass, a body of water and so on.
What are the purpose of the Drop Shadow/ Mirror Effect /Reflection Shadow effects?
The overall and most common purpose of these photographic special effects is to make the product or image look better. These are simple retouching options that can be used when your photo looks ordinary or not that great.
It special effect is designed to enhance the original photo and give it more appeal. More of the white background is removed and replaced by an artist’s creativity.
The Difference Between Mirror and Reflection Effects
The amateur may think that there is no real difference between the mirror and reflection effects. But there are differences. The mirrored effect simply takes the original image and without altering it, flips the image to make it look like a mirror is next to the image
The reflection effect does not leave the original image unaltered. The duplicated image look smore like a shadow and may not be fully seen in the new photo. Some creative alterations have been applied to make the reflection look different form the original image. The purpose of using the reflection shadow is to add more depth to the image.
What is the Difference Between Drop Shadow and Reflection Shadow
The reflection shadow, as has been seen, adds creativity, depth, and other creative moments to enhance the overall photo.  The drop shadow simply drops in a dark shadow where one is needed. The drop shadow does not add as much creativity to an image than a reflection shadow does.
Using the Drop Shadow/ Mirror Effect /Reflection Shadow  
Now that we have explained what each of these effects are and their purpose. As well as shown the difference between them. We need to say that using these special effects take practice, experience, expertise and know how. You simply just can’t use them haphazardly on any old photo.
Each effect has a distinct purpose for their use and way they were placed where they were. An amateur hasn’t mastered that skill yet. If you want shadows dropped in or insert a mirrored effect or even want a reflection shadow to be inserted in your photos, then you need to call in the experts.
We have years of experience in using these different techniques and know how they should be done and when. Have mastered the skill of using these special effects. Your photos will not be ruined by asking us to insert these special effects in your prized photographs.
Final Words
If you need the mirror effect, drop shadow or even the reflection shadow inserted into your images then give us a call. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote on how much time is needed to finish the task. We will also tell you how much your project will cost you.
Don’t try to do these effects yourself or give them to an expert. Your photos are too special to let inexperienced photo editors tackle the task. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. And at a cost you can afford.