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What is Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint?
The main groups who request this service are those in the garment industry. This technique is needed when the garment maker, the fashion outlet needs to highlight a particular garment without the use of a mannequin.
Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint is a service offered by photo editing companies which removes the mannequin from the photos. It is that simple and straight forward.
How Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint works
A photographer takes a picture of a mannequin dressed in a shirt, sweater, swimsuit or some other article of clothing. Then they take that garment off the mannequin and photograph the inside of the piece of clothing.
The photo editing company is then called to edit the two photos. The mannequin is removed from the first one and the two photos are then neck joined to make one completely new image.
What Does Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Do?
What Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint process accomplishes is to provide the best possible image of a particular article of clothing. The mannequin blocks the inside view of the garment, so it needs to be removed.
The inside of the garment needs to be attached properly to the article of clothing so that customers can see what it really looks like. This makes the garment look more attractive and easier to sell.
Types of Companies That Need the Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint process
The types of companies that need this service are all those who have clothes for sale. They need to present their product in the best possible light in ads and on their internet websites.
These companies include but are not limited to: clothing manufacturers, fashion houses, professional fashion designers, magazines, online companies, professional photographers, and more.
Types of Garments That Use Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint
The kind of garments that Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint can work with are unlimited. Here is a list of some of them:
t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, shoes, cap, cargo pants, jackets, down jackets, coats, jerseys, polo shirts, neckties, party dresses, party costumes, sweaters, women’s skirts, prom dresses, trousers, children clothes, hoodies, sport shoes, lingerie, jeans and much more.
What We Do
Our company expertly applies the Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint process to your photos. We have the experience to handle all sorts of clothing projects that need the Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint to enhance your products.
This is not a simple do it yourself procedure. This process demands creativity, practice, and a steady hand and eye. Photo manipulation should not be left to amateurs especially when sales and reputation are on the line.
You need the results only a professional photo editing company can deliver. Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint is not a game. We take our work seriously, so you look good to your customers.
We can also save the work we do with the proper alt text making the new mage search engine optimized.
Some Final Words
Placing a Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint image on the internet or in media advertising is not for those who have no experience. You need the professional quality work of professionals who can deliver the best results.
Too many people will see these photos and sloppy work just cannot be tolerated. You need top quality phots so go with a top-quality company.
Call our company today for a free quote and see a sample of our work. Placing your Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint needs in our hands will be one of the best decisions you will make.
Compare and see why we are the best Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint experts in the photo editing business today. You have nothing to lose.