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Image Masking

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One of the techniques we use to improve the quality of your images is called image masking. What image masking does is touch up any fuzzy parts to your photo, so every part of the picture looks perfect.
We could do some image clipping but the results are inferior to what can be obtained through image masking.
How Does Image Masking Work?
Image masking is a non-destructive method to hide some faulty portions of a photo while enhancing the other more acceptable parts. The key to image masking is in working with the pixels of any given photo.
This method is not permanent and allows us to make adjustments if the current results are not acceptable. There are three types of image masking procedures.
#1. Layer masking-
This is the most common form of image masking and is what is used in most Photoshop applications. This process allows us to hide those individual parts of the photo you do not like. It also allows us to enhance those features you do like.
The level of visibility is unlimited as we can go from completely invisible to totally invisible. It all depends upon your personal preferences. We can also make parts of the image transparent if needed.
Our result also depends upon what color and brush we use on the photo.
#2. Clipping Mask-
This process uses one layer to influence the level of transparency on another. The procedure is simple. We merely place a layer underneath another one and then manipulate the higher layer’s transparency levels through the raising or lowering of the pixels in the bottom layer.
#3. Alpha Channel Masking-
This is the more complicated process to image masking. Certain aspects of an image are simply too minute and time consuming to use a brush. A lot of Alpha Channel masking depends upon the contrast between the image and the background.
Channel contrast can be manipulated to find the best contrast between the image and the background. The procedure requires expertise in channel application, inverse control, dodge and burn, as well as other technical techniques.
Why is Imagine Masking Needed?
First, it is a non-destructive technique that allows you to enhance any photo you may have. It is not a permanent technique. We can continue to upgrade a photo and fine tune it, so the results meet your approval.
One word of caution. If parts of a photo are erased it is very difficult to regenerate those individual areas.
Second, the most important reason image masking is done is to simply improve those photos that have errors or some sort of inferior quality. The enhancement of any phot is simply accomplished through the hide and show technique.
We hide those parts of the photo that are not attractive and highlight those other parts that are very appealing. Through image masking you get a better-looking photo.
Third, it is a simple form of photo editing that is not difficult to apply. You can use it on any photo and highlight those parts you like while eliminating those parts you find unattractive.
The options are unlimited. A bright sky can be made dimmer, or a dark sky can be made brighter.  Colors on dresses, pants, shirts and so on can be changed easily and effectively. The ‘sky’ is the limit when it comes to image masking.
Some Final Words on Image Masking
This process is only time consuming if the inferior parts of the image are very small and numerous. For example, touching up hair. Human hair in photos is very small and are in many different places.
Image masking may be simple, but it is not an overnight process.