Starting of a New Year with a new aim to provide the best Clipping Path Services, and be the world leading Photo Editor in this field.

HomeBlogStarting of a New Year with a new aim to provide the best Clipping Path Services, and be the world leading Photo Editor in this field.
HomeBlogStarting of a New Year with a new aim to provide the best Clipping Path Services, and be the world leading Photo Editor in this field.
A new beginning is an opportunity to start something from scratch all over again, learning from the mistakes that we realized and amending those wrongs to become better than ever. Because that is how we evolve. A New Year is a new beginning that brings us new opportunities to do new things along with the ones we’re doing, but do it in a better manner.

Happy New Year:
A warm New Year greeting to all of you out there from us, the Clipping Path Skilled Ltd. We hope you had not only a Merry Christmas but also been enjoying the New Chilly Year. Because we sure did! However, we were not only enjoying but also planning ahead to conquer the world. Hope you’ll like our little story.

All Over the World:
We are Clipping Path Skilled Ltd., an evolving firm and also a hopeful world leader in Photo editing service provider. We’ve been improving the quality of life of the consumers as well as the proper corporate firms especially in their advertising, all over the world. We have employees all over the world providing services in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney of Australia, also United Kingdom, United States of America and even Canada with assistance from our teams back here in our Head Office - Dhaka, Bangladesh. But this isn’t the end. We aim higher. We are trying to reach the whole world. With our team expanding all over the world at a greater pace, we hope to provide quality services to everyone at an affordable and competitive prices that help both the consumers to climb up the standard of livings as well as helps the corporate businesses to stay more competitive against their competitors in this highly competitive market or industries. We want to become a world renowned Photo Editing Service Provider in the whole wide world.
Our qualified team has established many works regarding image clipping and masking for advertising firms as well individual firms that advertises their own products and services. It’s really expensive to hire an photo editor, which unnecessarily adds to the cost of the firm since a salary have to be paid regardless of the number of works. Usually in developed countries, the salaries paid to those skilled personnel are heavy unlike us: who have loads of time lying around to finish these hard tasks, that too for a competitive price for only the tasks sent to us for editing.

Car Modeling:
Numerous car manufacturers as well as retailers have been hiring us to improve their car images.  Why? Because they can just take a casual image of their cars, send it to us and sit back stress less while we accomplish the hard tasks for them. Starting from clipping to removing any unwanted backgrounds and just leaving the car in a white background with a touch of shadow underneath gives an attractive feature of that image which can easily be used to advertise and attain consumer’s attention. These are the type of images you see on the cover of a magazine, and the funny thing is we’ve even helped out a few magazine firms for their cover images as well the sub cover images.

Fashion Designers and Textile Firms:
Although the number of firms that freelances these tasks are few since they prefer hiring employees. However the few that enrolled into our services still prefers their tasks being performed by us since we are as competitive and qualified, if not better, than the photo editor hired. The fashion designing firms are seen to be fond of our image retouching for displaying their images in their monthly fashion magazine. Moreover, even the textile manufacturers as well as the retailers have hired as for numerous neck joint services or so called “Ghost Mannequin” service where we eliminate the distractive mannequins to divert more attention to the clothing designs,

The More the Merrier:
The best thing that our clients enjoy is giving numerous orders due to our competitive price and bulk discounts. This is how they can choose among the thousands of edited pictures to select the best one. Car images are sent in various angles so that after editing the advertisers may choose the best angle of the car that looks elegant. Fashion photo shoots, as we know are taken at million angles and poses, all of which are sent to us for editing and later on taken back to select the most stunning picture of all for the magazine with no compromise of leaving out a potentially great image unedited.

Heartfelt Thanks to our Clients
Lots and Lots of thanks to our clients for staying with us, for giving us a try, for giving us a chance to show them. I would like to invite everyone to give us a try for free and take a leap of faith. We promise we wouldn’t let you down. Tell your friends about us. Help us serve every one of you and become the world leading online photo editing service provider in the world.
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